Unit processes

SODACONSULT has experience in many unit processes and operations that occur in the soda industry, salt and non-ferrous metals.

These processes also occur in other industries, so we can offer engineering services as below:

  • Conveying bulk materials: belt conveyors, screw, chain, bucket, saucer, rotary valves, chutes (own design)  two-way remote controlee , etc.
  • Pumping of liquids and gases: fans, blowers and compressors of air and process gases; centrifugal pumps, screw, rotary peristaltic pumps, sludge etc.; pipelines made of steel, stainless steel, plastic pipes and polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber, shutoff valves, regulating, measuring with necessary instrumentation  etc.
  • Milling / crushing/ sieving of materials: disintegrator (own design); roll mills (milling), finger-type mill etc..
  • Liquid tanks/ vessels and silos for bulk materials: non-standard equipment mechanical designs for mixers , active bottoms, aeration, etc.
  • Heat exchangers: plate, spiral, tubular
  • Column type apparatuses: scrubber, shelf type with  overflow and without overflow of various design (sieve, cap)
  • Crystallizers: rotary type  (own design)
  • Dryers: rotary, fluid bed, pneumatic etc.
  • Dedusting systems: cyclones, scrubbers, bag filters, ventilators ,blowers, piping system with valves network control, etc.
  • Filtration: Pre and microfiltration, cyclones, scrubbers (in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology), and non-pressurized bag filters and  pressure ones, candle filters as polishing and protection, etc.
  • Centrifuges: pulsary,  controlled automatically
  • Mixers: suspension in solution, dissolving