Production technology of refined sodium bicarbonate – food and pharmaceutical grade

In the production of the refined sodium bicarbonate, the new installations should comply with standards and regulations GMP and HACCP.

The product quality must be in accordance with the Polish & foreign rules, among the others, the Polish Pharmacopoeia X released in 2014; European Pharmacopoeia 8 released in 2013 (Ph. Eur. 8), American Pharmacopeia of 2013 (USP36 – NF 31) or new ones.

SODACONSULT offers the design solutions as per above requirements, using carbonation technology of soda ash solution by CO2 gas in the vertical columns.

In terms of our proposal we take into account such activities as:

  • Analysis and identification of potential hazards
  • The categorization of hazard risk
  • Guidelines for reducing the occurrence of hazards
  • The guidelines for operation in the exceeding events
  • Appointment of checkpoints
  • Schedule research and inspection - monitoring
  • Validation idea

The complete production installation can be divided into the following sections / operations:

  • Storage of raw materials
  • Dissolution of soda ash
  • Filtration of fluid at 1μm by filtering  aid with or without
  • CO2 gas purification at a pressure of 2.5 to 3 bar(g) to 1μm - the scrubber installation
  • Cooling solutions near saturation
  • Carbonation in the column with the separation of suspension
  • Concentration and centrifuging at pulsatory centrifuge
  • Fluidbed drying
  • Sieving on multi screens and buffering
  • Packing in bags a 10; 20; 25; 500; 1000 kg with monitoring individual bags and palletizing
  • Storage and packaging of the product with monitoring air quality