The owners, management and staff

Currently the owners of the Office are partners: Bartosz Smyk, Stanisław Smyk and Aleksandra Soboń-Smyk

Bartosz Smyk after graduating as a civil engineer started his design engineering activities at SODACONSULT related to civil & structural designs of production buildings and interconections between them. Besides, he coordinated infrastructures and equipment layouts, focusing on building permit technical documentation and project cost estimates.

Currently he is a leader of the complete design tasks, ordered by the Investors.

Mariusz Zastawny began his work at SODACONSULT as an assistant of the chief process engineer Leszek Tarczyński (former General Project Engineer for Inowroclaw Chemical Complex – M2, Technical Director of Krakow Soda Works).
Now he is the Chief Engineer of the Office responsible for multidiscipline technical solutions, focused on the process technology managing all design task teams for the Office and coordinating outside cooperating partners related. Besides he is responsible for the preparation of the Office proposals – technical part.

Young Staff of the Office are graduates mainly of the AGH – University of Science & Technology and University of Technology in Krakow, having several years of experience in designing already.

Main design team is based on experienced engineers chemists and mechanics, pupils of SODACONSULT, as well as the engineers from the Krakow Engineering Offices associated.