The origins of the office

SODACONSULT Consulting & Engineering Office was founded in 1991 as a result of economic and political transformation in Poland, on the basis of experienced design engineers from large design engineering offices: BIPROKWAS Krakow Division and CHEMADEX Krakow.

Specialized engineering of the BIPROKWAS Office (located at Krakow Soda Works) has been for many years dedicated for the whole Polish Soda Industry

The Founders of the Office were partners Andrzej Auriga and Stanisław Smyk, who worked at BIPROKWAS Krakow as General Project Engineers for Janikowo Soda Works and Inowroclaw Chemical Complex, and also for foreign engineering companies abroad: in France, Germany, Algeria, India, Iraq, Argentina, Kenya, Egypt, Belarous, Russia and Ukraine.

The founders of the Office


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