Production technology of vacuum salt

Offering engineering services for the whole Vacuum Salt Works SODACONSULT cooperate closely with world known companies specializing in salt evaporation / crystallization systems

Three (3) basic systems of brine / concentration with various mixed options can be offered:

  • The MME (Multiple Effect Evaporation)
  • The TVR (Thermal Vapour Recompression)
  • The MVR (Mechanical Vapour Recompression)

Suitable evaporation system is selected depending on the production volume and the availability of the media. This takes into account mainly toward economic investment.

Production technology can be divided into the following installations:

  • Brine purification
  • Evaporation and crystallization
  • Centrifuging and drying
  • Forming, packing, storage and shipping

We can offer production technology of industrial & food salt including required additives and forms.