Production technology of soda ash


Offered production process can be divided into the following units/sections /installations:

  • Limestone burning  - lime shaft  kilns and rotary kilns
  • Kiln gas purification
  • CO2 gas compression
  • Lime slaking
  • Salt  dissolution
  • Brine purification using lime-soda method
  • Decantation and filtration of brine
  • Ammonia absorption - tray columns
  • Brine carbonation - tray columns with internal coolers
  • Ammonia  distillation by steam - distiller column
  • BICA filtration - vacuum rotary filters, vacuum belt filters
  • BICA  calcination – steam rotary calciners
  • LSA densification – compaction system
  • Monohydrate crystallization - rotary hydrator / crystallizer
  • Monohydrate drying - fluidbed dryer
  • Post- distillation slurry treatment - decantation, press filtration etc.
  • Compressed air process and instrumental
  • Bulk materials handling - belt conveyors, scraper, bucket, worm, saucers, dispensers rotary valves, chutes ordinary and adjusted remotely like.
  • Liquid pumping - chemical centrifugal pumps, peristaltic pumps, worm, rotary pumps, sludge etc.
  • Dedusting installation - calculating the network dedusting fans, bag filters, etc.

Many of the above processes and operations occurs not only in soda industry, but in other industries too.
Therefore SODACONSULT is able to offer a wide range of services as per Investor wish.