SODACONSULT – Consulting & Engineering Office s.c. was founded in 1991 as a result of economic and political transformation in Poland, on the basis of experienced designers coming from Krakow engineering offices mainly from: BIPROKWAS Krakow Division and CHEMADEX Krakow.

SODACONSULT conducts its activities in the wide range of inorganic chemical industry and non-ferrous metals.

Our main Investors are large companies representing:

  • Soda industry (domestic and foreign)
  • Salt industry
  • Non-ferrous metals industry

For our Investors, SODACONSULT offers a full range of design services, ranging from pre-design studies, through a complete, multi-disciplinary design engineering, up to the supervision over the project implementation and start-up.
The scope of documentation and services, as well as its individual stages are each adjusted to a range of investments – from small modernization through the expansion of production capacity, and ending with completely new units withing a capacity of up to 500 000 t/year.