Basic fields of action

Basic fields of action

SODACONSULT conducts its activities in the wider inorganic chemical industry and metallurgy.

Our investors are large companies representing the industry:

  • Sodium (domestic and foreign)
  • Salt
  • Colored metals

The systems are designed practically all unit processes for inorganic industry.

For our investors, SODACONSULT offers a full range of design services, ranging from work before investment (studies, concepts, etc.), Through a complete, multi-disciplinary design documentation, up to the supervision over the implementation of the investment and start-up lines.

The scope of documentation and services, as well as its individual stages are each adjusted to a range of investments – from small modernization through the expansion of production capacity, and ending with completely new units with a capacity of up to 500 000 t / year.

Current activities SODACONSULT present references Main Office from the years 1991-2013.